Thursday, April 9, 2015


This weeks fave beauty product consist of TWO products!
More specifically two Moroccanoil products!
I am absolutely obsessed with my hair, and I have pretty dry hair so I try and take extremely good care of it. I have been using the Morccanoil Treatment (original) for years and I don't know what I'd do without it!
The best time to use this product is after washing your hair when it's towel dried, apply 1-2 pumps throughout your hair, you can then blow dry and style your hair as usual or leave to air dry. This product is also great to use once you've done your hair and you have those annoying flyaways! Apply half a pump and lightly put it through your hair to tame those flyaways. In my opinion, if you've just curled your hair you don't want to put too much of the product because you don't want it to be too heavy and flatten your hair, simply put enough to tame your flyaways.
Now, for those of you thinking that your hair gets greasy really quickly so you would NEVER put anything oily in your hair, don't fret! This product will only make your hair oily if you apply it to your scalp! 

Now for those of you who's hair goes from clean to greasy real quick, this next Moroccanoil product is going to be your life saver!
The Moroccanoil Oily Scalp Treatment is like a dream come true for girls with greasy hair!
I wash my hair every second day and my reason for that being because by the second day my hair is already oily so if I washed my hair more often it would get oily way quicker and I'd probably feel like my hair was always oily. I've always hated having to deal with that day of oily hair and then I went on the Moroccanoil website and found this product and I just had to try it out! 
Thankfully it actually worked! I'll be honest I didn't use it as frequently as I should have but it still worked great for me. 
Before you hop into the shower simply just separate your hair into sections and apply 3-6 drops of the product to each section, massage the product through and leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes and then proceed to your shower! 
It's simple and relatively quick and if you're tired of having oily hair it's totally worth it!

- Alanna

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Calling all my girls out there with them nice dark bags under their eyes!
Okay let's be real, no one has ever been happy to see huge dark bags under their eyes, wether its from lack of sleep, aging or you're like me and you're just cursed with them!
I have used so many different cover-ups and concealers for my under eye circles and some have been less effective than others BUT a couple years ago I was introduced to the most magical concealer out there! The Glo - Minerals under eye concealer!
It's honestly magical how well it works!
For myself, I use the colour beige, it fits my skin tone perfectly! 
So of course before putting anything on your face you need to moisturize, and I always like to prime my entire face as well and I even use a tinted primer on my bags just to have them already a little covered up before I use my concealer. Then, using a brush, I take some of the pink/salmony colour and mix it with the lighter colour and apply that onto my under eye circles. After I do that I usually just go ahead and do the rest of my makeup and the last thing I do is I take my brush again and put only the light colour under my eyes and voila! Bags are gone!

I buy mine from a salon but you can purchase this concealer as well as other Glo Minerals products from their website!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Just like myself, I'm sure most of you are going to be heading out of town for Easter weekend or for spring break. I don't know about you guys but I definitely tend to choose comfort over style when it comes to having to sit on a plane for a few hours. 
So today I decided to mesh together comfort and style! I threw on my regular travel outfit, plain white tee and leggings, and added an oversized plaid shirt and some awesome sneakers, and of course you can never forget your fave sunnies when travelling somewhere hot!
Keep scrolling for a few of my travel necessities as well as my outfit details!

Here are a few of my necessities when travelling; 
- oversized comfy sweater
- a neck pillow
- my laptop and camera 
- sunglasses
- makeup 

Oversized plaid shirt: Audrey 3 + 1
White tee: VERO MODA
Leggings: Lululemon
Sunglasses: Spitfire

- Alanna

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hey there! Welcome to my first Fave Beauty Product of the Week post!
This weeks fave beauty product is the Kat Von D Shade + Light contour palette + contour brush!

Let me just start off by saying that I am not a professional nor am I trying to pass off as one, I am simply here to share products that I truly love using and that have worked really well for me and I hope that these posts can help some of you girls out when you're looking to buying new beauty products.

So, I'll be honest I haven't been that into the whole contouring trend simply because I couldn't figure out how to do it properly. A few months back I had purchased the Smashbox contour kit and personally I didn't find it all that great. So I had kind of given up on the whole contouring thing but I recently decided to try it again so I went out and bought myself the Kat Von D Shade + Light contour palette and contour brush. 
Before testing out my new contour palette I went on the Sephora website and watched a contouring tutorial. After testing it out I have to say I am really pleased with this contour palette. I don't like to wear face makeup that's too heavy and thick which was he result I was getting with my Smashbox contour kit, the Kat Von D contour palette was light on my face but still gave the contour effect I was looking for. 
I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone I know as well as the contour brush! The brush has two sides and comes with a case which makes it perfect for travelling cause you don't have to carry two brushes around and don't have to worry about it getting squished and ruined. 
So if you wanna start contouring that lovely face of yours I would definitely recommend this product as well as the Sephora tutorial! 
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and stay tuned for next week's fave product!

- Alanna

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Artist: Chloé Sabourin

Artist: William Sabourin

Friday night we had the pleasure of going to check out this wonderful pop-up art gallery.
We could not believe how talented some of these artists really were nor the amount of the time they must have invested in making these amazing paintings. The event coordinators Isabelle Grégoire and Chloé Sabourin did a really great job. The exposition had little bites, drinks and great music. Most importantly, it gave the opportunity to several university students from Montreal to show off their work.
We wanted to wear some simple yet classy outfits for this event.

I kept my outfit easy with black trousers, a white blouse and one of my new favourite bralette's. 
I wore my new Zara booties that I'm obsessed with. They're perfect to throw on with pretty much anything. Despite the cold, I refused to put on my huge winter coat and wore one of my favourite Unif leather jackets to top everything off. 
- Diandra 

Blouse : Glamorous
Bralette: Mink Pink
Pants: Cotton candy

Boots : Zara

Jacket : Unif

I stuck to what seems to be this seasons trend; turtle necks! This Six Crisp Days turtle neck is absolutely perfect to wear with anything and its super comfy! I decided to spice it up with a fur vest that's been sitting in my closet for quite some time now. Paired it with simple high waisted black jeans and a cute pair of black heels!

Turtle Neck: Six Crisp Days

Shoes: Aldo Shoes

Fur vest: bebe
Jeans: Topshop

Purse: Balenciaga

Alanna & Diandra

Monday, March 9, 2015


We wanted to do something that was easy going this Sunday and decided to go back to do our favourite childhood activity, ceramic painting!! Don't you party people worry about your pounding heads, it can even be done hungover. We know, you're reading this saying "oh my god! I used to do that all the time as a kid!" Yes, as did we and yes it is still as fun... well sorta, as long as you're patient and don't care too much about little details (which does not apply to the two of us). 
We went to the Ceramic Cafe on St-Denis, it's super cute and has great food and warm drinks. 
Since we live in Montreal, we are still awaiting the nice spring weather. However, in the meantime we have no choice but to plan outfits that consist of layering and winter boots. 
We always love a nice jean shirt to throw under a fuzzy sweater, its a fun look that can never go wrong on weekends. 

Sunnies: Super

Bag: Balenciaga

Jeans: FRAME Denim

Jacket: Glamorous
Shirt: Six Crisp Days

Jacket : Glamorous 

Blouse : Thread + Supply
Knit / sweater : Olivaceous 

Jeans : Just Black 

Bag: m0851

Alanna & Diandra

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Who said white & black are boring ? 
We're obsessed with black and white outfits , they always tend to bring out all accessories and emphasize your amazing pair of shoes. 
Every girl needs that last minute outfit that is simple yet super cute.

shoes: Christian Louboutin

Is your black and white outfit making you feel like you just popped out of a Charlie Chaplin movie? The solution is simple, ACCESSORIZE.
A cute colourful accessory or a pair of shoes with a touch of colour is all you need to spice up that outfit of yours!

Blazer : BCBG generation 
Top: Glamorous
Skirt: Six crisp days

Top : Solemio
Skirt: Babaton

Alanna & Diandra 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Welcome to PutTwogether!

Welcome everyone to PutTwogether!
We are so excited to finally share our blog with all of you! This is a project we have both been talking about for quite some time but simply never got around to doing it until now. Let's introduce ourselves, Diandra (left, 20 years old) and Alanna (right, 19 years old), we met in kindergarten and have been besties ever since! We made this blog to share our love for fashion, food, beauty and all the fun relationship advice we wish someone had told us four years ago.We hope you all hop on this journey with us and enjoy this as much as we do!

Jacket: Parasuco Jeans
Top: Zara

The colour black works for every season. That's why I always tend to wear it.
- Diandra

Sunnies: Ray-ban
Blazer : Evil Twin
Top: Cotton Candy
Jeans: Glamorous
Purse: Zara

Sunnies : Spitfire 

Alanna's booties on left : Steven Madden, Grunge boot
Diandra's heels on right: Pointed-toe black suede, Dior pumps.